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About Reel 2 Real Interaction:

Reel 2 Real Interaction is revolutionising the digital signage industry and creating impactful, engaging and memorable experiences.

With our roots firmly established in the digital display industry since 2004, we are passionate about LED screens and the possibilities they offer to businesses. We believe that when paired with innovative content, high resolution LED screens deliver maximum impact to any activation, event or exhibition. To ensure you have access to the most creative content developed to meet the specifications and requirements of the screens, we have an in-house production team that will bring your vision to life on the screen ranging from animation, to video through to augmented reality.

Our offering:

We provide a full turnkey digital signage solution that includes digital signage management and connectivity through to content development.
At Reel 2 Real Interaction we believe that a screen is only as good as the content displayed on it. With this in mind we use our extensive experience to create content that will make an impact on your audience and on your business. Our talented designers are experienced in developing: Connect with us on Facebook at

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Tel: +27 (10) 6120673